About us
The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade is an Arma 3 MilSim unit based off of the real British Army formation of same name.

Our unit takes place in the current time, with Britain at war with the CSAT as a part of NATO. Our primary role, armoured infantry, sees the infantry sections fighting with and out of the FV510 Warrior IFV, under support from the mighty FV4034 Challenger 2 MBT.

The current regiments are 5 RIFLES and C Sqn, Queen's Royal Hussars. The Reserves will be represented by 7 RIFLES.

We utilise real world tactics employed by the British Armed Forces to the best of our abilities, and conduct professional training and advancement courses to keep everyone up to scratch on their drills and skills.

In order to make the whole experience as realistic as possible we have a team of developers working to create cutom assests, uniforms and vehicles. We also have a number of current and former service members of British and NATO Armed Forces providing a unique background and skillset for the unit.

We are in no way associated with the real 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, the British Army, or the UK Ministry of Defence.
How to Join
Enlistment Requirements:
- Must be at least 16 years old.

- Must be able to fluently speak and understand English

- Must be mature and able to listen to your superiors.

- Must have a working microphone and be able to connect to our Teamspeak server, current Teamspeak IP: ts.20thAIB.org.uk

- Must have a legal copy of ArmA 3.

- Must not be a member of another ArmA 3 community or MilSim Unit.

Stage 1 : Application

The first stage of enlistment is your application. To do this you will need to create a profile on our website, and fill out our application form with as much detail as possible. The effort you put into your application provides us with our initial impression of you.

Ensure you complete every part of the application form truthfully. Feel free to hop onto TeamSpeak if you have any questions any member will be able to point you in he right direction.

Once your application is complete, a Regimental Recruiting Team (RRT) Member will review and message you on the forum as soon as possible. Please be patient and keep an eye on the forums; we will aim to get to you within 24 hours.

Click to submit an Application! Click to join our Discord!

Stage 2 : Interviews

Once your application has been reviewed by a member of the RRT, you will receive a message via the forums detailing the next steps in the application process. At this point you are required to have TeamSpeak 3 downloaded and ready to join our server. The interviews will consist of both a written and verbal interview which should take between 10-15 Minutes.

The written interview is there so we get an idea of your general knowledge, and your thoughts on certain things to make sure you are a suitable member for the community.

The verbal interview is more of a conversation giving us a clear picture of one another, and also providing you a chance to ask any additional questions. After this you will be a member of the community and will begin your time as a member of the Virtual Iron Fist!

TeamSpeak Info

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20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, (20thAIB.org.uk),
is in no way associated with the real 20thAIB or the British Army.