20th Armoured Infantry Brigade - Arma 3 Milsim

Full Version: Application Form: JGeorgeson
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First & Last Name:
James Georgeson

Date Of Birth:


United Kingdom

Gaming & Real Life Experience:
Currently a Coastguard Emergency Officer & Controller. I am trained in NATO radio communications. When younger I was in the Air Training Corps reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. Gaming experience I have lead sub sections and commanded armoured vics.

Previous Groups:
No. 4 Commando - Section Lead. Commanding 8-10 men in WW2 ops.
Pegasus Royal Marines - Zeus.
Zeus Community- Many MANY roles.

Why do you want to join the 20th AIB?
Why not? A unit that appears this well structured and detailed seems fantastic, looks very positive and growing and a high level of missions seems possible.

How did you find out about us?

Thank you for your application Mr. Georgeson, your application will be dealt with by myself, 2Lt Keown. You will receive a Private Message on the forums from me shortly. Please be sure to read this message carefully.
Message sent as at 0209 Hours.
Application REJECTED