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  1. Application View Application Status Henry Lootens Submitted 4/23/2020 16:26 Name Henry Lootens Email [email protected] Timezone America/Boise Country United States Additional Application Fields Are you 16 years of age or older? Yes Can you commit to operations and training twice weekly? No Do you have a working microphone? Yes Do you speak and understand the English language? Yes Do you own a legal and valid copy of Arma 3? Yes Are you currently a member of another MilSim unit or Arma 3 community? No Do you have any issues with following a chain of command? Yes Why do you wish to join this unit? I want to play a serious game of arma3 with commands and working together What units have you been part of and what function/role did you have in them? I have never been in a nuther unit but if I need to learn a role I can very easly Do you have any goals or aspirations upon joining this unit? Fight along my comrades and have fun immersive games Do you have any military experience? If yes please briefly detail it. No If there's anything else you'd like to add, feel free to detail it below. I can learn anything I need to and I can be pushed around a little if I need to be
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