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Promotions and Assignments - Keown - 19Jul19

To: 20th AIB Personnel
From: 2Lt Keown
Subject: Promotions and Assignments
DTG: 250317ZJUL2019

?For the first time in forever,?

We have some new promotions and reassignments!

Having completed the Combat Infantry Course (CIC), 

TRfn Johnson,
and TRfn Shephard,

have been promoted to Rifleman, with

Rfn Johnson being assigned to 1 Section, 1 Platoon,

and Rfn Shephard being assigned to the Reserves Platoon, 7 RIFLES.

Sjt Elliott has moved to Reserves during his time away, and LCpl Gundich is now stepped up to (Acting) Serjeant in his place. 

Rfn Varat has temporarily been assigned as a Warrior Commander during OP TROJAN, and is promoted to (Acting) Lance Corporal. 

I'd also like to welcome

Rfn Orange,
Rfn Morland,
Rfn With,
Rfn Berend,
and Rfn Vivala

as rejoiners to the Battalions as we launch into OP TROJAN with the 4th IB.

Congrats troops!