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Promotions and Assignments - Keown - 13Oct19

To: All Personnel
From: HQ 1st ITB
Subject: Promotions and Assignments
DTG: 130427AOCT19

Queen's 5 Platoon (Rifles Training Company) has completed another Combat Infantry Course! Please welcome

Rfn Doyle,
Rfn Hughes,
Rfn Mears,
Tpr Robinson,
Tpr Terry
Tpr Winter,

on their completion of training! All have been assigned to 1 Section, 1 Platoon.

With immediate effect, I have also promoted LCpl Holdsworth to Acting Corporal. A/Cpl Holdsworth is now taking command of 2 Section

Rfn Orange has also been promoted to Acting Lance Corporal and assigned as 2IC of 2 Section.

Rfn Varat, Andersen, Lane, Morland, Faïsal, and Vivala have been re-assigned to 2 Section.

Cpl Gundich now takes up his role as Platoon Warrior Serjeant, and is promoted to Acting Serjeant. Serjeant Elliott resumes his role as Platoon Serjeant.
Congrats troops!