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Promotions and Assignments - Keown - 20Oct17

To: 20th AIB Personnel

From: 2Lt Keown
Subject: Promotions and Assignments
DTG: 20OCT2017

I am pleased to announce that:

Rec Akkermans
Rec Nixon
Rec Shapiro
Rec Vitaliy,

have all completed their Combat Infantryman's Course, ending with EX DULL SWORD III, and have been promoted to Rifleman, being assigned to 1 Section, 1 Platoon, under Cpl Jameson. 

I am also pleased to announce that:

Rec Coleman
Rec Fisher
Rec Walker,

have all completed their Phase 1 Training and have been promoted to Air Trooper, being assigned to No. 22 Group, representing the AAC. 

ATpr Fisher has taken the role of 2IC of No. 138 EAW, and has been promoted to Officer Cadet.

Good effort and congratulations!

2Lt Keown
1 Platoon Commander