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Form Submission: Application Form: - JGeorgeson - 16Nov18

First & Last Name:
James Georgeson

Date Of Birth:


United Kingdom

Gaming & Real Life Experience:
Currently a Coastguard Emergency Officer & Controller. I am trained in NATO radio communications. When younger I was in the Air Training Corps reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. Gaming experience I have lead sub sections and commanded armoured vics.

Previous Groups:
No. 4 Commando - Section Lead. Commanding 8-10 men in WW2 ops.
Pegasus Royal Marines - Zeus.
Zeus Community- Many MANY roles.

Why do you want to join the 20th AIB?
Why not? A unit that appears this well structured and detailed seems fantastic, looks very positive and growing and a high level of missions seems possible.

How did you find out about us?

RE: Application Form: JGeorgeson - Keown - 17Nov18

Thank you for your application Mr. Georgeson, your application will be dealt with by myself, 2Lt Keown. You will receive a Private Message on the forums from me shortly. Please be sure to read this message carefully.

RE: Application Form: JGeorgeson - Keown - 17Nov18

Message sent as at 0209 Hours.

Application Form: JGeorgeson - Keown - 30Nov18

Application REJECTED