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Christmas Stand Down - Keown - 06Dec18

To: 20th AIB Personnel
From: 2Lt Keown
Subject: X-Mas Stand down
DTG: 06DEC18

Ladies and Gents,

In accordance with our wednesday Staff Meeting, we will be standing the unit down during the month of December. We will not be conducting any formal training or operational sessions, and I do not expect attendance from anyone outside of those who are in the RRT/RTT. 

We have decided to leave the server running with a rotation of Warlords and Antistasi, with more missions in the pipeline if anyone wants to sort something out.

The purpose for this stand down is to allow us to restructure key areas of the unit, change around some appointments, and introduce some new ideas.

Speaking for myself I can guarantee myself and some of us could use the break.

I intend to begin our Operational Campaign on Krasnorus in the New Year, but until then, chill out, have fun, get drunk, fuck some hookers, and I'll see you around!

Any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to bring it up with anyone LCpl+. 


2Lt Keown