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Hiya gents!

My names Scotty and I've recently made a move from console to PC for one thing, Arma 3. I originally got interested watching some "Milsim" gameplay and thus I have made the choice to do some research into what options are out there for whenever I purchase the game! I figure at this point I should give you a little introduction to who I am  Wink. So My name is Scott Agnew, a 17 year old living in NI (UK). Currently I am in full time education and I am also in the ACF as a Corporal. In my spare time (outside of cadets), I am into my rugby, playing for my school's team and into my weight lifting. 

So now on to the main purpose of my post here: 
  • What kind of time commitment do you guys expect?
  • Do I have to download some sort of mods?
  • What is the "pre-member" training like?
  • If I do join once I purchase the game, is there any sort of support roles I can specialize in rather than typical grunt work?
Thanks for reading this, 

Hello Scotty! Nice to have you here!

I am Corporal Gundich, a member of the Regimental Recruitment Team and an instructor in the Regimental Training Team.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to have a look at the 20th AIB.

Arma 3 MilSim is like a drug to me and I've been hooked to it since 2012. I've been in my fair share of units and haven't been unitless (yes, I make up my own words) for over a month at a time. It has actually been a major driving force behind me getting into the military. So my point is if that's what you're into you won't regret a single minute "wasted" on milsim- whether you decide to join this unit or another.

Now, with that out of the way...

What kind of time commitment do you guys expect?

From a trained member we expect attendance on wednesdays (trainings) and saturdays (operations), from around 1930 to 2230 GMT/UK time.
As a recruit however, you will have to attend five training sessions to reach a trained rank. These sessions are during the week and weekends. We understand that everyone has real life commitments, so that's why we've implemented a vote system for training days. Recruits and instructors vote on a date that they want a certain session to be on. If you miss a session don't worry, you don't have to finish the entire training in a week. Also, you will be allowed to join operations after successfully finishing your first training session. These are still being worked on but expect a session not to last longer than two hours.

Do I have to download some sort of mods?

Yes, qute a lot actually - around 30 Gb. This is because the game itself is set in 2035 and there's very little usable assets for present day representation of the British Armed Forces. Once you download the repository, there should be only small updates on a monthly-ish basis. These mods have been thoroughly tested and adhere to our (mostly Keown's) high quality standard. These include total conversions like Advanced Combat Enviroment (ACE) and Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE 2) which make the game hardcore as fuck; unit packs that add high quality, modern day british equipment and vehicles; and a piss-ton of maps to suit your daily operator needs.

What is the "pre-member" training like?

I partially answered this question earlier. Basically, you have five training sessions, each focusing on different aspects of a combat infantryman's role. Firstly you go through familiarisation with the mods and equipment; then you move on to section level dismounted tactics and after you proceed to the fun stuff - armoured infantry training. After all that you do your final exercise and a Warrior driver test and if all goes swell you get assigned to your first section and promoted to the rank of Rifleman - a full member the 20th AIB.

The training itself has been devised by people with both real-life and arma milsim experience so you can trust it to be informative, interesting and fun.

If I do join once I purchase the game, is there any sort of support roles I can specialize in rather than typical grunt work?

Yes definitely! After spending some time in a section, you can try out for a plethora of different roles. Fancy rolling around in an Infantry Fighting Vehicle or a Main Battle Tank as a driver, gunner or commander? Or you want a more relaxed job of being in Platoon HQ as a signaller, transmiting radio messages with a fully simulated radio system, or would you rather be reattaching limbs as a combat medical technician? How about being the person calling in an airstrike... or better yet - doing the airstrike yourself? This is just a taste of all the different roles that are currently available, a lot more are planned when we reach sufficient numbers.

If you have any other questions, do not be shy to ask them! You can also join our teamspeak server at if you wish to have some great banter with the guys.
(Acting) Serjeant Gundich
Platoon Warrior Serjeant
5th Battalion, The Rifles Regiment
HQ Section, 1 Platoon, A Company, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade
Modification Creation Team Lead | Mission Development Team Member | Regimental Recruitment Team Member

Hi Cpl Gundich! Thanks for the speedy response!

As previously stated, I am currently in full time eduction and thus my weekday playtime is limited severly. This won't be an issue after 19JUN2017 as I'll have finished my school exams but until then my ability to play is limited to weekends, will this be an issue? As for the Saturday, I can think of no major issues there.

On top of that, is there any capacity to play as a "Forward Observer" type role or to play as an engineer in either an IEDD/REST capacity or just general wizard*? (* Wizard, engineer, sams thing really)?

Kind Regards,

Hello Scotty, to answer your question regarding support roles,

At the time we don't have a need for REST/IEDD as we neither have the manning nor the operational requirements for it. It is something on the list to have though! I'll say the same for FO, however we do occasionally carry out specialisation training on mortars and SF guns. Our current FAC handles the calls for fire, but since he is serving as a regular in an infantry battalion his attendance would allow another trained member to take that role if the need arises.

Regarding your attendance, Wednesday trainings are for individual sections or units, or on the occasion we as a unit put on a specialised cadre. However, we offer a reserves programme which allows recruits to finish their Phase 1 (out of 2 phases for the Combat Infantryman's Course) an then have an active role in the unit with very minimalist attendance requirements. The only issue with that is you aren't assigned to a section and will fill in any role that is needed.

I hope that answers your questions, thanks for your interest!
Second Lieutenant Keown
Platoon Commander
5th Battalion, The Rifles Regiment
1 Platoon, A Company, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade
Head of Careers Team

Hi Keown, thanks for the response!

Thanks for the added information, I believe I have the information required now. I'm definitely considering purchasing this game next week (or the week after Tongue) and I'll most likely be coming here! Thanks for your help with my questions


No worries Scotty!

Hope you do get the game, it's very addicting! No problem, glad we piqued your interest!
Second Lieutenant Keown
Platoon Commander
5th Battalion, The Rifles Regiment
1 Platoon, A Company, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade
Head of Careers Team

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