Rfn Vitaliy (YEETaliy) here, checking up.

Hello my fellow 20thAIB members, I wanted to check in with you, how are thing going?

I've been inactive for many months now, and I'd like to apologise as I have not yet gotten a proper system to use ARMA 3, I will most likely be at LOA (Leave of Absence) til June 2019 (from gaming entirely). I am doing my A2 External Examinations (Kinda like SATs for any american members  around here like 2Lt.YEETown, so it's pretty important if I plan on going to a university and securing a good life). 

Long story short, I saved up $700 which were meant for a gaming laptop as I told to some of you, and ended up spending half of that on scholastic f**k ups and the rest on a laptop for school/MS Office purposes (Intel 530 graphics and an i3 with 4GB RAM, so yeh).

As for any new members, hi, nice meeting you, I've been a member here for exactly a year, September 2017. Try not to miss your training sessions lol, command will get pissed at you and possibly consider kicking you after a few misses without an excuse (from experience). 
At the same time, don't be a NEET loser that sits in his mom's basement waiting for 2LTKeown to post news about an operation, gaming in general, try to keep a balance.
I like keeping up with my communities, especially "tight"/close ones like the 20thAIB. 

I'll be extending my LOA.


Rfn Vitaliy.

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Rifleman Vitaliy
7th Battalion, The Rifles Regiment
1 Section, 1 Platoon, A Company, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade

missing you buddy come back soon! <3
Rifleman Orange
7th Battalion, The Rifles Regiment
Reserves Platoon, D Company, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade
Regimental Recruiting Team Member

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